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Petition PIP should scrapped !

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Taking into consideration all recently released information on PIP, is there not a good case to abandon PIP and keep DLA with some modifications.

Now the National Audit Office has announced that :
Delays in processing claims under the new Personal Independence Payment have reduced the amount the Government expected to save by £140 million, the National Audit Office said.

The backlog in cases have cut expected savings over the course of this Parliament, with the DWP now forecast to save £640 million a year by 2015, rather than its orginial prediction of £780 million.

Each new PIP claim - worth between £21 and £134 a week to disabled claimants - costs an average £182 to administer, compared to £49 under DLA, the report said.

In my opinion as a retired Welfare Rights Lawyer, PIP should now be scrapped and DLA kept with some modifications. I ask you to sign my petition to the Government to cancel PIP

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