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Petition Repeal the Legislation which created OIAHE, and

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We the undersigned call for the abolishment of the organisation which deals with student complaints in the UK, (the OIAHE), with the following actions, including amendments to legislation, and/or the enactment of new legislation, to bring about:

1. The replacement of the biased, unreasonable, and non-impartial organisation known as the OIAHE, with a fair, impartial and truly independent judicial process.

2. Full evidence-based investigation into student complaints, fully independent of the University's internal processes, and in accordance with existing educational and non-educational law.

3. New rules to provide full legal aid cover for all students whose employment prospects are, or may have been, damaged as a result of their adverse experience with a public educational institution, and who remain unemployed as a result.

4. A public enquiry into all decisions made against student complaints, by the OIAHE since its inception.

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