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Petition Investigate Scottish Power energy supplier

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Scottish Power customer service is so poor that there are groups on social media full of angry customers who feel the customer service they have received is unacceptable.

After dealing with them myself it is clear that this company will do everything they can possible to keep you paying them money.

Their 0845 numbers are not cheap, and being put on hold for AT LEAST an hour at a time can end up being costly.

Combine that with their complete inability to provide accurate bills, results in many customers paying a lot more for their energy usage than they should be.

In my case I have become so worn out by it all, I have paid over the amount I am supposed to because I was getting threatened with court action.

They're a complete cowboy of an energy company and seeing as the energy ombudsman have failed to take note, this is the next step into getting this company investigated, as I feel a lot of compensation in both overpaid bills and lost time is required.

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