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Petition Do NOT make registered vehicle keepers liable for parking penalties

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At present the British Parking Association is lobbying hard to make vehicle keepers liable for parking penalties. They are responsible for the very vague Part 3 Chapter 2 Clause 56 in the Protection of Freedoms Bill entitled "Recovery of Unpaid Parking Charges".

The clause reads "Schedule 4 (which makes provision for the recovery of unpaid parking charges
from the keeper of a vehicle in cases where it is not known who was driving the vehicle when the charges were incurred) has effect."

British law provides the protection of innocence until proven guilty (paraphrasing the Magna Carta). Even the EU enshrines this in the The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.

Clause 56 seeks to apply criminal powers to a civil matter.

Clause 56 will make the keeper guilty UNLESS they can prove their innocence and MUST be removed from the bill before parliament.

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