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Petition Stop sex offenders retaining photo's of their victims

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I have come across a case which highlights how victims of sexual abuse are being let down. This case involves a man convicted for sexual abuse. When he was arrested, his laptop was seized by the Police. Now the man is convicted, the case is over, the man is asking for his laptop back. The laptop contains images of his victims which were not deemed indecent. The law states that the police have to return the equipment in its original condition. This is a Dorset case.
Question? Should an abuser, be allowed to retain images of his victims? Think of the trauma this causes to the victims? And think of the control and power this gives the abuser? This is not the fault of the police. The legislation is wrong. It is double jeopardy for victim’s photos to be viewed by their abuser – it opens old wounds. Victims need better protection, Government should legislate to stop all victim images being retained by sex offenders.

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