This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Save Shoebury Common

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On 9th April 2014, Southend Borough Council granted Conditional Planning Permission for its preferred option of sea defence at Shoebury Common. The scheme will include a seawall up to 2.24m high stretching the length of the Common and backed by an embankment.

The Council has rejected other schemes of sea defence that would give the same level of protection but be far less damaging to the natural environment and characteristics of this unspoilt and popular area.

The majority of people who have expressed their opinion, including those living in the flood risk zone, are opposed to the Council’s preferred option.

We feel the Council has failed to seriously engage with the people of the area in a fair and impartial way about alternative schemes. Instead it has every intention of pressing ahead with a decision it has made regardless of public opinion.

We request that the Secretary of State hold a Public Enquiry to examine how this decision was reached and consider alternatives.

This petition closed early because of a General Election

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