This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Replace House of Lords With Open E-voting - Internet And Telephone Referendum - Harness The People's Knowledge

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Replace House of Lords with e-Voting as parliamentary 2nd chamber, tapping knowledge and experience of all citizens who are free to vote as and when desired, most likely on subjects they care about or know about.

E-voting period window is 2 weeks. People without internet vote by telephone. Voters register as for a normal election and use password/PIN as in other secure transactions. Media will inform of voting deadlines.

Openness - voting database must be publicly available for all to see who voted and how. This ensures technology is not being corrupted or manipulated. Significant errors or corruption would quickly become evident. People may be concerned that their opinions may be held against them but this is illegal and law can be strengthened to penalise discrimination.

In its initial incarnation the e-Voting chamber can be overruled by the House of Commons.

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