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Petition Remove the 'same Roof Rule' from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

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Victims of historic sexual abuse are being denied compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme because of a draconian rule contained within the scheme known as the 'Same Roof Rule'. Paragraph 19 of the scheme states:

"An award will not be made in respect of a criminal injury sustained before 1 October 1979 if, at the time of the incident giving rise to that injury, the applicant and the assailant were living together as members of the same family."

The 'Same Roof Rule' is discriminatory in that victims of historic sexual abuse, born prior to 1 October 1979, are treated less favourably than those born since that date, as those born after, may make a claim.

This is morally and fundamentally wrong and needs to change, 'EVERYBODY' should be able to make a claim. please support us in effecting change.

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