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Petition Assisted Dying Should Not be Legalised in the UK. Please sign before 18th July.

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By signing this e-petition you declare that assisted dying should not be legalised. If you are going to sign this e-petition then please sign it before soon - at the latest before 18th July. Lord Falconer's Bill would actively encourage people to commit suicide. It would also "unfairly pressurise" (David Cameron) the terminally ill to end their lives, thereby lifting the burden off the shoulders of their relatives, in their view. The majority of GPs in the UK (77%) do not want it to be legalised and they will be the ones who will be forced to carry out the procedures. Doctors should preserve life, not destroy it. The Bill also changes the purpose of the law - now its purpose is to protect people but it will not be that if the Bill were to be legalised. Our palliative care in the best in Europe but this Bill would wreck it.

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