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Petition Royal Independent Commission for the Investigation of the Public House Tradee Public

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We the undersigned fully support the call of Paul Nuttall MEP and Inez Ward JFL for a Royal Commission independent investigation of the pub trade to include but not be restricted to pricing structures and discounts given and received by the breweries and pubcos, the rental system, valuations of the estates and business practices. Competition concerns must be thoroughly investigated and in particular the ability of the tied pubs to be competitive in the market place. It must also investigate the counter veiling benefits and the privilege of the tie under European law. Some pubcos were found to be economical with the truth to previous select committees and that is not acceptable. We urge The Warrant to include the power to summon witnesses under oath and the power to seize documents and other evidence, including those normally protected. We also call for the thorough investigation of any organisations that have been complicit or tried to protect the status quo.

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