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Petition Protect Beckenham Golf Course

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Beckenham Place Park Golf Course is a public course within a public park in SE London. Once the most-played public course in Europe, Beckenham Place Park is the only 18 hole public course in the 'Inner Boroughs' of South London. It has in recent years assumed a major role in bringing the game to the youth of the district with a thriving junior academy introducing the game to players as young as 6 years. It is ironic that the Council, following the success of the Olympic Games in London 2012 (and the inclusion of Golf as an Olympic sport for 2016), should now seek its closure. We the undersigned wish to register our objection to the attempt by Lewisham Council to close this public golf course and call upon the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to appoint an Inspector to Guarantee that Lewisham Borough hold consultations with all Park and Course users and also all Local Residents as the said park is predominately bounded by residents of the Borough of Bromley.

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