This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition ban/ restrict/ monitor/ record the sale and use of fireworks to the general public- PTSD, trigger

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ban/at least restrict/monitor/record sales
there are plenty of petitions on fireworks scaring pets&there's also children sleeping
I'm doing this for our veterans&soldiers living with post traumatic stress disorder
to them,a firework is like gunfire,an explosion,a bomb
these loud bangs trigger flashbacks of war,having to re-live the trauma not just on bonfire night,but every night running up to it&until after new year is terrifying
watching the distress hours of bangs night after night causes someone with ptsd,especially when they could&should be spared it is awful
fireworks should only be used on the days they're intended for,bonfire night finished by 9pm&new years day by 12.30am
they should only be used at registered shows/events for the public,but we need to at least start with more restrictions on their use
spare a thought for our brave vets living with ptsd,help ease their suffering&aid their recovery by minimalising/eliminating the triggers

This petition closed early because of a General Election

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