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Petition Public Inquiry into the failed regeneration of Kirkby Town Centre

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The town centre of Kirkby, in the borough of Knowsley, has been left with high levels of dereliction as a result of the collapse of a regeneration project on 08/01/2015 which was meant to be led by a partnership of Knowsley Council and Tesco.

Piles of rubble and empty buildings - including a small housing estate - now border the town centre to the south, whilst the indoor shopping centre has now closed in the north. Green space has also been lost as a result of relocating residents from now derelict housing.

This is having a detrimental effect on the people and economy of Kirkby, who already suffer with high levels of deprivation, ill health and inadequate public services.

We call for a public inquiry into the handling of this project by Knowsley Council, and into the failure of democratic representation within the town to look after the best interests of the local population.

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