This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Stop importing puppies & tighter regulations for breeders

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On behalf of Lyn Bailey ( - I asking you to help with the dog epidemic we have in our country.
1000’s of puppies are being into our country each year. Coming in from many EU countries inc Ireland. It is estimated 40,000 from Ireland alone! Many are smuggled in, with no paperwork at all, or what there is fabricated. Many are bred in appalling conditions, beyond what you could ever imagine & many of the puppies are under 15wks. 1000’s of healthy dogs are being put to sleep because of the dog epidemic.
Rescues are full to bursting point.
Puppy factories and farms must also be stopped. Or at least controlled.
The largest in our country is little rascals with 200 breeding bitches! They also have a sister kennel in Ireland producing?
I would suggest a maximum of 3 breeding bitches be allowed. This enables the caring hobby breeders who do a wonderful job of breeding good examples of their breeds, who produce well balanced and healthy puppies

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