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Petition Secure Middlewich Bypass Funding

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Middlewich (Jct18 M6) we have been promised a bypass for over 15years.

Cheshire East are "claiming" they they have no funds to complete the work despite making promises in preparation for planning things such as new housing developments, auction sites and now a multi million pound traveller (gypsy) site for a renowned community who don't contribute to the tax system in the UK.

The M6 is the backbone of the country and Jct18 is part of a network of roads which routes traffic to the majority of Cheshire including a major distributor of a supermarket chain who were always "supposed" to use Jct19.

The traffic Infastructure can't cope as it is, with more people being attracted to the area, the situation is only going to get worse.

Can the Government assist Cheshire East with funding to complete this bypass or stop them from approving further plans that will bring more traffic to the area until the bypass has been built.

This petition closed early because of a General Election

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