This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Redouble the railway between Salisbury & Exeter

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Release funds to redouble the entire railway between Salisbury and Exeter. The singling of this route in the 1960's was short sighted and has handicapped future growth on the line ever since. Redoubling will allow the runnning of extra services such as limited stop services to London and also freight. Extra destinations to be added such as Exeter to Weymouth, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and Brighton.

The long sections of single track also mean that the services are dictated by the infrastructure rather than public demand.

Redoubling will eliminate the need for services from Waterloo to terminate at Yeovil Junction when the route is used as a diversionary route by Paddington trains.

Services will also no longer have to wait for up to ten minutes in a passing loop waiting for a service in the opposite direction, drasticaly reducing overall journey times and at a fraction of the cost of HS2 this would also be value for money.

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