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Petition stop social workers removing innocent children for forced adoption

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Tony Blair introduced the forced adoption in Britain when he came into force, since his time as prime minister, on average of 1000 babies and children per year have been forcibly removed from parents across Britain, mothers are fleeing to Ireland in a bid to keep their children. Tony Blair offered the local councils a £20 million pound incentive in order to remove innocent children from innocent families. It is time to stop the secrecy of the courts and the gagging of parents. We have a right to keep our children and the right not to live in fear of corrupt social workers. I want the government to take into account the serious concerns that the public have about the corruptness that surrounds these cases and to make the cases that end up in court to become public, which is to not be held behind closed doors. If a criminal can have an open trial then parents and children should have the same equal right. Our human rights are being severely breached and its time this was stopped.

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