Closed petition Ask the PM to explain the deception on the true legal status of the EU vote.

The Referendum was an advisory Consultation, not a binding vote. Noone neither Government nor MP's nor Civil Service, raised this fundamental point publicly before the vote. And have not confirmed it since. Why not? Was or is there a Conspiracy of Silence ordered by No. 10?

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1.The EU Referendum Act 2015.
2. House of Commons Briefing Paper CBP-7212, June 2015, Section 5:
“Types of referendum:
This Bill ...does not contain any requirement for the UK Government to implement the results of the referendum, nor set a time limit by which a vote to leave the EU should be implemented. Instead, this is a type of referendum known as pre-legislative or consultative, which enables the electorate to voice an opinion which then influences the Government in its policy decisions."

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