Petition CONDEMN Art 25(b) of Indian Constitution Which Violates Sikhs' Religious Freedom

Sikhs were recognized by the Britain as privy to Indian Independence Act, 1947, on the basis of their separate religious identity.
Today, UK is home to over 800,000 Sikhs who have excelled in every walk of life.
On Jan 26 1950, India promulgated constitution abolishing separate status of Sikhism.

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Art 25(b) of Indian Constitution labels Sikhs as Hindus and forces the Sikh community to follow HINDU Marriage Act; Succession Act; Minority and Guardianship Act; Adoption and Maintenance Act.

With over 30 million followers, Sikhism is recognized as separate religion throughout the world, except in India.

We urge the UK Government to:

"CONDEMN Article 25(b) of the Indian Constitution which violates religious freedom and identity of Sikhs by labeling them as Hindus".

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