Petition Reform the system of obtaining Permanent Residence Certification/Card (PR)

The current system of PR discriminates against many groups of EU/EEA residents and their non-EEA spouses/civil partners. This reform will facilitate EU/EEA nationals to obtain Permanent Resident Certification/Card (PR), currently mandatory to become UK citizens (for those who wish to do so).

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-British spouses/civil partners to be considered as sponsors for their EU/EEA spouses/civil partners in PR applications
-Scrap Comprehensive Sickness Insurance as PR requirement for EU/EEA students, homemakers, carers, retired, and disabled people or applicants self-sufficient through other income, including their non-EEA spouses/civil partners
-EU/EEA nationals, their spouses/civil partners, their children, who have exercised treaty rights for less than 5 years, to complete their journey to PR
-Parents/carers of British citizens to obtain PR automatically
-Spouses/civil partners of UK service men/women to acquire PR without proof of residency
-PR to be protected under UK law
-Type of residency evidence, currently accepted for PR/ILR, to be accepted for UK citizenship.

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