Petition Keep the Personal Injury Small Claims Limit at £1,000/ Keep Damages for whiplash

The MOJ has published a consultation paper proposing amongst other things:-
1. The abolish low value whiplash claims for injuries up to 6 months
2. To raise the small claims track to £5,000 for all personal injury claims.
3. To introduce the assistance of Mackenzie friends in such claims.

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The reforms will have the effect of:-
The public will be frightened off from bringing claims, due to the costs and complications;
Insurers will be able to instruct Solicitors and Barristers whilst the public will not and thus creating injustice;
Members of the public with upto 6 month whiplash injuries will be prevented from making a claim for injury;
There will be mass redundancies following implementation, possibly 60,000
The Treasury will lose PAYE, NIC, Employers NIC, and vat;

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