Petition Mandatory training in education re impact of abuse/trauma on children

Children who no longer remain with birth families often have attachment difficulties & a history of witnessing/experiencing abusive trauma regardless of the age they were removed, this is rarely understood by teachers or school staff. This needs to alter to increase attainment levels for children

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NICE guidelines advise that schools ought to complete training regarding attachment, brain development & the impact of trauma/abuse on these, but currently most schools (primary & secondary) appear to struggle with understanding the needs of children who are no longer with birth families. This ultimately impacts negatively on these children's attainment & enjoyment of school. We wish to make it mandatory for teachers to undergo training regarding the impact of trauma on brain development & attachment. Training should also be reviewed in order to ensure all teaching staff understand these children's needs. Work by John Bowlby, Margaret Ainsworth, Dan Hughes, Bruce Perry, & Graham Music all provide detail about brain development, trauma & attachment.

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