Petition Reduce government approved hazardous waste being sent to our UK landfill sites

Ministers have made the decision NOT to remove the hazardous Air Pollution Control Residues from our landfills. They agreed to keep the levels of landfill waste at 3X more hazardous than ever before. That is equal to 100+ Olympic sized swimming pools being filled each year with hazardous waste.

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DEFRA were reviewing the use of 3x WAC derogation in light of the implementation of the waste hierarchy and government's hazardous waste strategy in 2010. Principle 6 states that 'The practice of relying on higher Landfill Directive waste acceptance criteria (derogation for 3x WAC) to enable hazardous waste to continue to be land filled must end'. After 6 years of advising, meetings and false promises, the government have agreed to keep filling our landfills. They have ignored their own advice.

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