Closed petition Amend the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953 to include all pregnancy loss.

The current Act has narrow margins, which mean many grieving families whom suffer loss of pregnancy earlier than the golden 24 Weeks, are left unable to make a public record of their child

Recently my partner and I lost twins, Harriet is registrable as a neonatal death. Her brother didn't exist!

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The Act requires registration of pregnancies resulting in stillborn, neonatal death or live birth. (No change required)

It fails grieving families of pregnancies that result with Abortion, Miscarriage or Late Miscarriage. (No public record with GRO)

(A late miscarriage could change to a stillborn with the passing of a single second of time!)

I suggest the addition of registers which allow parents the option to register their loss (Abortion, miscarriage or late miscarriage) if they wish to.

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