Petition Consider all children when calculating Child Maintenance payments.

If you have 2 or more children, your eldest starts university. The student loan they receive is based on YOUR income. The Child Maintenance for your other children goes up as your eldest is not taken into account. So you end up paying considerably more.

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The Student loans are means tested from 2016. The Child Maintenance guidelines are 23 years old and do not include young adults at University that as a result of last years change need your support if you earn an average salary. Because under the 23 year old rules, you are now just paying for one child, your payments go up with no account of your other child being taken into account. In my case the extra payments I am being asked for plus the what I have to give my eldest to live is actually £250 extra a month. I wish common sense would prevail. Thanks you for reading, I hope you sign.

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