Petition Stop the Illegal Slaughter of Migrating Songbirds on MoD land in Cyprus.

After hearing the Radio 2 discussion about the slaughter of Songbirds on MoD land in Cyprus I went to sign a petition asking the MoD to stop it - there is no such petition.

RSPB estimate 1.7 million killed in 2016, approx 800,000 on MoD land.
Chris Packham advises there are simple solutions.

More details

Migrating songbirds are being trapped by poachers in hidden nets and sold as a delicacy.

I understand that we can't control what happens on Cypriot land, but think the MoD should stop illegal activity on it's own land.

It is also illegal in Cyprus.

Chris Packham interviewed on
Radio 2 speaks of practical solutions -

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