Closed petition All high-rise tower blocks over 30 metres must have sprinklers installed.

Sprinklers save the lives of tower block residents and firefighters. Lives could have been saved in the fatal fires at Grenfell Tower and Lakanal House in London, and at Shirley Towers in Southampton. The new law should include a duty on local authorities and the local fire service to enforce.

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In 2013, the Coroner of the Shirley Towers fire recommended that:
"Social housing providers should be encouraged to consider the retrofitting of sprinklers in all existing high-rise buildings in excess of 30 metres in height." Fire experts recommend sprinklers too. Yet in all this time, seven years after Shirley Towers, councils and housing providers have failed to install sprinklers. We should not wait for the Grenfell Tower investigations to complete. The law must change NOW.

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