Closed petition Reform the UK Voting System - Adopt Proportional Representation

We call for a new debate & Vote into replacing the current First Past The Post system with Proportional Representation. FPTP is out-dated & only benefits the larger, more established parties. It is unfit for the modern times. PR allows for the views of the country to be more accurately representated

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We ask the government not to dismiss this petition as they have done before, as whilst there was a vote in 2011, with only a 42% turnout (& was described by political scientist Iain McLean as "bad-tempered & ill-informed public debate") ; We believe opinions and the political landscape has now changed, so before you reject this, Please do additional research this year and next, such as with YouGov, & social media and if opinions have changed, as we believe, hence this petition, hold a new vote!

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