Petition UK retailers to label all meat non-halal or halal so all religions have a choice

We want clearer labelling on all meat, including chicken. As most British meat does not state whether the meat is halal or non halal(haram). We want meat clearly labelled for all faiths and ethical backgrounds. So Christians, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, etc should all have a choice in what meat they eat.

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We know people of all faiths, and have problems finding out whether the meat is non-halal or halal, as there is nothing stated on the packaging in British supermarkets/butchers. We think it is only fair that everyone of every faith should know which way the meat is slaughtered so everyone has a choice in what they are eating. There are no guidelines for consumers in making this choice for all ethical reasons. We want to see clearer labelling on every meat and chicken product sold in the UK.

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