Closed petition After Brexit, EU dialysis provision through EHIC to remain for UK residents.

We urge the Minister for Health to ensure that after Brexit EU dialysis provision through the EHIC reciprocal scheme is preserved for UK residents. Otherwise people on life-saving dialysis in the UK won't be able to travel to Europe any more, unless they can afford to pay for dialysis privately.

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Fiona Loud, Policy Director at Kidney Care UK, said “We believe that every kidney patient has the right to live their life to the full and when the time comes to leave the European Union it is vital that they should still be able to travel within Europe. If there is any compromise on the EHIC system then this will effectively mean almost 30,000 people will not be able to travel for business, or take much-needed and well deserved holidays or respite breaks. This is simply not fair and cannot be allowed to happen.”

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