Petition Make it law that all cats injured/ killed by a vehicle are checked for a chip.

Why do we not feel cats are as important as dogs? These are family pets too, they have one at No.10 Downing Street. Scanners need supplying to all councils, they don't cost very much. They are part of a family and deserve to be returned home.

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I am starting this petition after my beloved cat Gizmo was hit by a car and the vet who found her, put her down without checking chip details. Why have a chip if not to look for an owner? I could have had my beautiful girl home with me and she could have been with me in her final moments-So in Gizmo's memory I fight for every cat to have the right to be chip checked. I am sure if anything happened to the No.10 Downing Street cat the scanner would be out straight away!! and to me all cats are as important as each other and it takes 2 minutes to scan a cat and get them home to their families.

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