Petition Reduce student loan interest to an affordable 1% over base rate.

With the current punitive and profiteering rate of RPI + 3% typical loans of £50k require a salary of £55k pa just to pay the £3,000 interest. The rate charged is excessive and leaves a lifetime millstone for most graduate leavers. Give the majority an attainable goal and a sense of hope!

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Other parliamentary business

MPs investigate student loans

A cross-party group of MPs called the Treasury Committee are investigating student loans.

They are looking at recent changes to the student loan system including:

• the repayment threshold
• interest rates
• tuition fees
• university finances 

On Wednesday 18 October at 2.45pm they asked academics about:

• the impact of student loans on public finances and students
• whether fees mean that there is a 'market' for higher education 

You can watch the session here:
You can find out more on the Treasury Committee's webpage:
You can follow the Treasury Committee on Twitter for updates: @CommonsTreasury
What is the Treasury Committee?
The Treasury Committee looks at and questions how the Treasury:

• is run
• spends money
• decides on its policies

It's a cross-party committee of MPs and is independent of the Government.
You can find out more about Treasury Committee on its website:
This is a ‘select committee’. Find out how Select Committees work:

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