Closed petition UK Government should urge Iran, Iraq and Turkey to lift blockade on Kurdistan.

In retaliation to an overwhelmingly YES vote for independence by the Kurds in the recent referendum, the Iraqi Government, Turkey & Iran are to impose a blockade on Kurdistan. If enforced, such a blockade will hamper the fight against ISIS and cause a real humanitarian crisis in the region.

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When the entire world woke up to witness ISIS sweeping across Syria and Iraq slaughtering thousands in 2014, it was the Kurd who took up the fight on behalf of the world and broke the myth of the so called “death cult” on the ground, whilst holding fast to the universal values and human rights by giving refuge to almost 2 million displaced Iraqis and Syrian within its territories. A semi-autonomous Kurdistan has been a source for stability and peace in Iraq; an independent Kurdistan will most certainly be a greater force for peace and stability in the wider region. We, the undersigned, call upon the UK Government to utilise its diplomatic means to exert pressure on these countries to stop the BLOCKADE resulting in yet another humanitarian crisis in Kurdistan and the wider region.

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