Petition Ban non biodegradable plastic in food/drink packaging. Switch to hemp plastic.

Most drink bottles, tubs and other food packaging are made from petroleum based plastic. This is are toxic to the environment and takes 1000's of years (if ever) to break down. It is polluting the oceans and soil. Eco friendly biodegradable hemp plastic exists but is currently not being used.

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Every week we (in the UK) bury 1000's of tonnes of plastic food and drink packaging.
More makes its way into the rivers and oceans. It causes massive pollution harming both us and wildlife.
There is an environmentally friendly alternative. Hemp based plastic exists, but at the moment it is not used.
Mostly because it is not well known about and there is no major manufacturing of it like there is for petroleum based plastics.
For our health and the environment we should make its use mandatory.

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