Closed petition Set a limit on how much homework can be set. (Secondary school and below)

Mental health problems in younger people is at the most it has ever been, a factor that contributes to this is Homework. Homework if used correctly CAN give benefits but if overused can have negative impacts.

Therefore I suggest a limit on homework to help tackle this issue.

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What I suggest is that the amount of homework aloud to be set is limited per subject.

In a half term I believe per subject (Maths,Science, etc) there should be a limit on how much homework can be set that is mandatory to do. If a teacher wants to set more they can make the homework optional.
The limit I think would work is 5 or less pieces of mandatory homework per half term (Roughly 7 Weeks per half term) in every subject.

In France they have got rid of homework and it has worked well.

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