Closed petition Change the law to get justice for unborn babies killed in the womb during RTA's

When I was 24 weeks pregnant, my son was tragically killed in the womb after I was involved in a major car crash. People who cause road traffic accidents that kill babies in the womb can’t be charged with “death by dangerous driving” as in the eyes of the law a baby in the womb is not a person.

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As my son was born after 24 weeks he was classed as stillborn. He has a birth certificate and a death certificate. On his death certificate, his cause of death was written as 'road traffic accident' by medical professionals and signed. It's now also been proven I suffered placenta abruption as a result of the impact of the crash on my bump. If he was 1 day old or 1 week old the driver could be charged! My son had his whole life ahead of him and will never get justice!

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