Petition Build a new A&E Hospital CENTRAL to St Albans, Watford and Dacorum.

We call on the NHS decision makers to instruct West Herts Hospital Trust (WHHT) to amend their Strategic Outline Case to include the most sensible, popular and cost-effective option of building a new A&E hospital in a more accessible and central location than Vicarage Road, Watford.

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WHHT have approved plans to redevelop Watford General Hospital as Our A&E Hospital. This is despite the difficulties for many getting to WGH, the sharp gradient of the site, being next-door to a PL football club and the disruption for patients, visitors and staff until it is completed in 2030.A brand new and central West Herts A&E Hospital could be delivered earlier, be less disruptive to hospital services, cost less and provide a better long-term acute care solution for the whole of West Herts.

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