Closed petition Begin a process of removal of illegal immigrants in the UK.

All UK citizens are required to abide by UK law. We demand that law is applied to all. It has been reported that there could be 1 million illegal immigrants in the UK.

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Government responded

This response was given on 24 January 2018

The Government is committed to reducing the size of the illegal migrant population and the harm it causes.

The Government takes a broad range of activity to prevent migrants from entering the UK illegally and overstaying, tackling the threats associated with immigration offending and to encourage and enforce the removal of illegal migrants.

In the year ending September 2017, 12,560 illegal migrants were subject to an enforced removal. During the same period, 20,691 illegal migrants returned voluntarily.

The Government does not recognise the quoted figure of “1 million illegal immigrants in the UK”. The Government does not make any official estimates of the illegal migrant population and cannot therefore comment on the accuracy or otherwise of the estimates others may make.

Home Office