Closed petition Request HM government ask the Queen to issue Royal Pardon to Edith Thompson.

Edith Thompson was drugged and carried unconscious to the gallows in 1923 for a crime I believe she did not commit. My grandfather DI Scholes, acquired the letters she wrote to her lover Freddie Bywaters, which 'proved' her guilt. I do not believe they proved anything. I believe Edith was innocent.

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The prosecution sought to prove 'joint enterprise.' I do not believe they did. The jury was wrongly directed by the judge. The letters never incited Freddie to murder. I have read them all. The jury was made up of 11 men and just 1 women. There was no proof that Edith knew her lover, Freddie, would stab her husband that night. An independent witness also testified that she even begged him to stop. This is a terrible miscarriage of justice that has waited 94 years to be rectified.

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