Petition Brexit: Stop using ‘will of the people’ and ‘will of the British people.’

Government ministers are perpetrating a falsehood when advancing its affairs as ‘the will of the people’ or ‘the will of the British people’; taking its authority to use these expressions from the result of the EU advisory referendum of June 2016.

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In the 2016 referendum, the Electoral Commission recorded the following:
Total electorate: 46,500,001
Voted Leave : 17,410,742
Voted Remain: 16,141,241
Rejected Ballots: 25,350
On the basis of these figures, the government in expressing the will of 17,410,742 members of the electorate as ‘the will of the people’ or ‘ the will of the British people’ is publishing a falsity when 29,089,259 members of the electorate did NOT vote to leave the European Union.

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