Petition Make it illegal for any MP to lie in parliament or knowingly deceive the public.

Repeal Parliamentary Privilege and reform Contempt of Parliament to make it illegal for MPs to lie or knowingly deceive the public in the execution of their duties. This must include campaigning and all statements made in Parliament or the media. Breach of this condition must trigger a by-election.

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It should be a legal offence in the UK, as it is in some other countries and nations, to lie, wilfully mislead or knowingly deceive the public in execution of ones duties or whilst occupying a public office. This should include, but not be limited to; campaigning, liasing with the media or in any public forum. This should be covered by 'Misconduct in Public Office'. A breach of such conditions should result in dismissal from office, or at the very least a by-election for the seat in question.

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