Closed petition Outlaw and enforce the sale of V5 and V5C vehicle registration documents.

The V5C registration document is the property of the DVLA and by law needs to be surrendered when a vehicle is disposed of.
Sadly there is a black market of traders selling V5's and V5C's with or without VIN plates facilitating the change of a vehicle identity. Ringing kits for stolen vehicles.

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By selling a vehicle identity knowingly or not (remember ignorance is no defense) they could well be aiding and abetting the theft of a motor vehicle and should face the same penalties as anyone who is an associate before or after the fact.

Banning the sale of V5, V5C, VIN plates and other documentation; and enforcing the existing laws more diligently it would effectively cut off the tide of illegal vehicle identity sales thus helping reduce the number of vehicle thefts in the UK.

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