Petition Provide free flash glucose monitoring systems to type 1 diabetics on the NHS.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease and cannot be cured. Sufferers need insulin daily via injections or a pump and have to do regular painful fingerprick blood tests. The flash system allows users to test glucose via a disc placed on the arm without puncturing skin every time, therefore no pain.

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As of 1-11-17 this is available on the NHS, however, it seems to be a postcode lottery. The system enables the wearer to maintain better control of their diabetes by monitoring glucose for up-to 8hrs with each scan, which will long term cost the NHS less money as there won’t be as many complications. There is no break from this disease. Many parents have to test children during the night, with this system they can test by just touching the sensor with the scanner. Please share to make this free.

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