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Week in week out hunts up and down the country continue to use loopholes in the Hunting Act to kill wildlife. The Act needs strengthening to ensure people are discouraged from participating in illegal hunting and for those caught hunting, the penalty and arrest needs to be more severe.

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A level 5 fine of £5000 is not an adequate deterrent in enforcing the Act as it stands. We would like to see section 6 of the Act to be amended to add provision for a prison sentence of up to six months for illegal hunting. Additionally there should be a 'reckless' clause which will make it an offence for anyone to 'cause or permit' one or more dogs to seek out, chase, injure or kill a wild mammal. The widespread flouting of the ban continues to this day and these measures along with several other reforms could ensure our wildlife is protected as it should be.

For more details on necessary amendments to strengthen the 2004 hunting Act, please follow this link which features a Hunting Act Amendment Bill.

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