Petition Call on DEFRA to withdraw UK approval of A24 trap, sold in NZ to kill hedgehogs.

DEFRA recently approved the use of these traps in England (pending in Wales & Scotland). The traps( are sold to kill hedgehogs (& other species), in New Zealand where hedgehogs are non-native & considered a ‘pest’ species.

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In the UK hedgehogs are protected being listed on Schedule 6 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act. If a trap is set & it catches a hedgehog, then the person who set the trap can be prosecuted. Anyone setting traps for ‘vermin’ or non-protected species is obliged to take all reasonable precautions to avoid catching a protected species, since there are no ‘reasonable precautions’ to avoid catching hedgehogs using this trap, anyone who sets them is at risk of prosecution if they catch a hedgehog.

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