Rejected petition Automatic re-issuing of driving licences. Re-testing.

Currently, driving licences are automatically re-issued without question when an updated photograph is sent to DVLA.
As an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) I have to be re-tested every so-often to prove that I am "up to standard". Why not apply the same rule to all drivers renewing their licences?

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I have come across MANY drivers who say "I couldn't pass my test again". The vast majority of deaths on the road are in the 17-25 age group - but those "old enough to know better" still take risks on the road. We (ADI's) are required to teach "safe driving for life". Rules change. Signs change. Road layouts change. Why not change the licence requirements? If the renewing licence holder can cope with the pressures of modern driving and is up to date with modern practices - fine. If not - retrain.

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