Rejected petition Stop the Welsh language being compulsory for children with Dyslexia

Like many other children in the UK my son is severely dyslexic. He struggles with very simple English taskes and writing and spelling is an everyday challenge. Having to also learn Welsh is making his time in school unbearable as he can barely spell in English.Welsh should be a choise not compulsory

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Like many other children in the UK my son is Dyslexic. English writing and reading is an everyday challange so imagine having to learn to read and write another language that you will never use. This is what living in Wales my son has to do every day. I have tried to remove him from Welsh so he can have extra English lessons but it is a legal obligation for the school to teach welsh in Wales.It's an everyday challenge for Dyslexic children living in Wales. Welsh should be a choise not compulsory

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