Rejected petition Make it mandatory for all PIP assessments to be video and audio recorded

I & 1,000's of others have fallen victim to the lies of the DWP and/or the assessors for PIP. I suffer many debilitating conditions & the PIP assessment was either lies or it was about someone else. I wrote back to DWP, but they said I was no longer eligible for PIP and scored zero points

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Upon speaking out about this, I have found out that this is a regular occurrence; hundreds of people have mentioned the same as me, that the assessment appeared to be for someone else, or is just full of lies.

I am therefore petitioning for all PIP assessments to be video and audio recorded, to ensure all assessments are accurate and cannot be altered in any way, which is clearly what is happening at the moment.

The disabled & vulnerable cannot be treated so poorly any longer.

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