Petition Reverse A Proposed Ban On Letting Agents Charging Fees To Tenants

Firstly, something must be done to help tenants with some agents charging ludicrous fees to tenants!
I would propose a fee cap. Agents cant charge any higher than a set agreed price.
It is vital to sustain affordability for all tenants, landlords and agents.
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I opened a letting agents when I was 21, 8 years ago, its all I have done and know. We pride ourselves on offering fair fees to tenants and landlords. Tenant fees are a must to survive as a business, we will have to pass on our lost fees to landlords, speaking to our landlords they plan to raise their rents to cover their fees immediately.

This action makes no sense at all, we can keep everyone happy, set a reasonable cap so tenants, agents and landlords can continue to survive comfortably.

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