Rejected petition To make more availability for mental health issues, more crisis team 24/7

We need more help available for people with any type of mental health issues, so many people taking their own life because of this. There is not much help for the people with mental problems, I myself am a sufferer of anxiety and depression.

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With suffering myself I know what it feels like to be feeling no way out at times, it’s happening more and more and now is the time to help put an end to this loneliness. Make available more help to these people, It’s a silent killer and more and more people are suffering. The National health service need more funding to allow those suffering to get the help that they require.

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Why was this petition rejected?

It’s not clear what the petition is asking the UK Government or Parliament to do.

We understand that you're concerned about the availability of mental health care, but we're not sure what specific action you'd like Government or Parliament to take.

If you'd like to "Drastically improve funding for mental health services", you might like to sign this petition instead:

You could also start a new petition explaining clearly what you would like the Government or Parliament to do. For example, you could start a new petition asking the Government or Parliament to ensure that mental health crisis teams are available 24/7.

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